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Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran Executed and Caboolture Unites for a Day

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Let’s get into it

This morning we woke to the news that the lives of both Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran had finally been extinguished by firing squad. This has come after 10 years of these two being on death row and in that time becoming Australian household names.

With hours till the execution, there were public accusations that the court system in Indonesia that found the Bali Duo guilty was corrupt in its process by judges offering to take bribie money. And there have been calls for the Australian Federal Police to be investigated in their handling of the moments before these drug smugglers headed out of Australia on their final ill fated trip.

According to news.com.au, last night went something like this:

3.31am – Shots fired, eight dead

Australia’s Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are dead.
The ringleaders of the Bali Nine drug smuggling ring were mercilessly executed by an Indonesian firing squad.

3.43am – Executions happened ‘without disruption’

Attorney General’s Office official, talking to the Jakarta Post on condition of anonymity says, “We’ve carried out the executions.”

An anonymous Cilacap police officer said: “The executions went well, without any disruptions.”

3.52pm – Australia’s politicians respond

Steven Ciobo, the parliamentary secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, is the first Australian politician to respond to the execution.
He tweeted this scathing and mournful message moments ago, possibly signalling further condemnation to come when the Abbott Government officially reacts to Indonesia’s actions.

Tweet: There are few greater displays of abuse of State power and regressive thinking than the death penalty. #RIP

4.09am – Armed police move in

As the family of Mary Jane Veloso responds to news of her last-minute reprieve, armed police are reportedly moving into position for the transfer of coffins.

Nine cheap and badly made silk-lined coffins — each valued at around $100 — passed in an ambulance on to a ferry and over to the prison island of Nusakambangan yesterday afternoon, confirming the mass execution was in its final planning stages.
One of them had been commissioned extra large for Sukumaran.

4.16am – Heartache from legal team

One of the lawyers who acted on behalf of Chan and Sukumaran has tweeted a gut-wrenching expression of defeat less than an hour after their executions.

Tweet: I failed. I lost.

5.15am – Politicians react

As the nation wakes to the news that Chan and Sukumaran were killed by Indonesia’s firing squads in the early hours of the morning, Australian politicians are already responding.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will address the media later this morning. Yesterday she said she was “deeply disturbed” by Indonesia’s handling of the matter and there “will have to be consequences”.

It still isn’t known entirely what Australia’s overall official response to the executions is going to be.

The two hashtags trending on Twitter this morning are: #IStandForMercy and #BoycottIndonesia

AMANDA SHEEHAN wrote and opinion piece for the Courier Mail saying:

“Had the Bali Nine’s heroin-smuggling operation succeeded, it would almost certainly have contributed to the loss of countless lives – a fact that has been swept under the carpet.”

While countless people from around the world have come out on social media and expressed they don’t support the death penalty for any crime committed.

What are your thoughts on this?

On another recent event, the ANZAC Day, which happened this last Saturday just gone. There were record crowds for the Dawn service, march down King Street and the main ceremony held in the Caboolture Town Square.

It was deeply amazing to see people from all walks of life, some multi-millionaires standing next to families that might be struggling to put food on their table from week to week, standing side-by-side, as a community with a common cause – to remember and respect.

Caboolture looked wonderful, King Street felt alive and the Caboolture Town Square was a hub.

What needs to be done throughout this region to make a day like Saturday for all the good things that happened on that day happen more regularly?

What’s on your mind?

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