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Caboolture NEEDS to get behind the Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival! Find out why.

The Caboolture region needs to get behind the upcoming Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival, I’ll explain why.

For those who have been living in the Caboolture region for some time, do you remember before Caboolture was amalgamated into the Moreton Bay region and pretty well the year directly after that – how Caboolture was bursting with life, resembling a destination for tourists and investors?

Do you also remember how the Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival would draw crowds both local and from further afield into the region on a huge scale?

Business did really well out of this, so did the community and wider region.

This all changed and was most noticeable at the 2014 Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival. Where crowds were way down, community involvement in the event had disintegrated and most of the region didn’t even know this event was on, let alone the rest of the world.

To make things worse, the 2015 Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival was on track to be even more dismal.

It was the flooding at the time that ultimately meant the event was completely called off. And we must not take away from just how devastating that storm event was.

But what about 2016, this year? Who in the community is gearing up to make sure this Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival is spun around and turned into a success..?

It looks to be no better than the last two at this stage.

And who loses out as a result?


The businesses, the community, the individuals in the Caboolture region, the community groups; we all lose out.

There are Moreton Bay Regional Council staff right now trying their darnedest to give Caboolture a successful event this year. Going above and beyond their job descriptions because this part of the Moreton Bay region is important to them.

And if it is important to you, Caboolture that is, you’ll step up too. Why through grenades and destroy the joint just to prove a point or two. And make no mistake, there are many points to be made, but this isn’t how to do it.

Isn’t it far better to take ownership, responsibility for this region and step up to the plate? The Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival was only ever a success in the past because these things happened.

The Urban can be more successful than the Redcliffe Festival or Decades Festival in the Pine Rivers area. And I sincerely wish those events every success, but above all, I urge the whole community to rally around the Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival and have this event contribute to Caboolture being great again.

With this, the whole Moreton Bay region wins and benefits.

I would love to hear from you on all this. Head to mccarthy-wood.com and let me know your thoughts.

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