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How do we get the Moreton Bay Region on the map? Caboolture Region 4OUR 101.5FM Wednesday Forum – 08-04-2015

Transcripts and bits-and-pieces from the radio show:

Good morning and welcome back to another Morning Magazine, this is the Wednesday Community Forum for the 8 April, 2015 on Moreton Bay’s Own Radio Station – 101.5FM.

Since doing this show over the past month or so, I have caught up with many community leaders throughout the region.

And it strikes me that while they may have indifferences with each other, with some being very minor, that by-and-large they want the same thing for the area.

That is, a thriving and conducive community that is clearly on the map. Thriving in business and prosperity with a small town feel in the respective areas of Pine Rivers, Redcliffe, Caboolture and the Glass House Mountains.

These areas have strong cultural differences, but have the ability to make up a vibrant region.

On one of the many road-trips I’ve done, I did a little experiment. When we pulled into a little country town like Mitchell, where we soaked in the hot springs, we were asked in natural conversation: “Where are you from?”

When the answer was the Moreton Bay Region, we were asked: “Where is that?” or “Is that near Cleveland or something?”

But if our response was, “just north of Brisbane,” or “just south of the Sunshine Coast,” people immediately registered.

What can we do to overcome this?

This region has a great story to tell and so much to offer! It has a rich history and the potential for a robust future that leads the country in things like tourism, economics and innovation.

This region can offer beaches and mountains within minutes of each other.

It can offer a place to do business and provide a location for the next Google or Facebook; or whatever the next big technology thing is that needs a headquarters, while enjoying a location with easy access to the world.

The Intergenerational report, which we’ll be looking at throughout the morning, suggests that not only this region, but the country needs to roll up its sleeves and figure out our future.

The report points out that the mining recourses boom is behind us and, indications are, that innovation is the key to replacing this.

Especially, if we wish to maintain or even improve our way of life.

This innovation could be in the areas of tourism, information, services, engineering and many more.

You might have a view on this, or maybe, the very idea that might smash this region onto the trajectory of leading success. An idea that puts this region squarely on the map.

Pick up the phone and call 07 5495 1015, construct a regional prospectus and email it to radio@1015fm.com.au or do it the sociable way at facebook.com/101.5FM.

And don’t forget to drop by 1015fm.com.au where you can get into all the information pertaining to this region.

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