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Wednesday Morning Mag 24 June, 2015 – 101.5FM

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Thank you for your company once again and welcome to the Morning Magazine, this is Wednesday’s Community Forum for 24 June 2015 and I’m Andrew McCarthy-Wood with you through till midday.

We’re broadcasting right across the Moreton Bay region and the surrounding areas. A place that has it all, including jobs growth and the strongest council in the state of Queensland, we’ll talk about that a little later.

We also have great people including listeners like yourself, highways, train lines, shopping centres, seasides, parks and mountains, businesses with determination and a compassionate community.

This is the place to work, rest and play.

Quick funny:

I realised the other day I totally understand how batteries feel, because I’m rarely ever included in things either.

**101.5FM whisper

Before we get into the show, a little bit about this station, Moreton Bay’s Own Radio – 101.5FM. We are a not for profit community station made up of volunteers.

These volunteers have been serving the community under the 101.5FM frequency for 25 years now and even longer if you include the broadcast years under 91.5FM.

These volunteers were also dedicated and heavily involved in the recent and very successful Caboolture Show.

So what does this all mean?

This means we rely on people like you to become members and support this valuable community asset.

Day to day, 101.5FM, is responsible for delivering important information including local traffic conditions, local weather reports and warnings and general news and entertainment.

These responsibilities escalate during times of emergencies such as during storms, floods and fires. This becomes most important when other communicating methods of getting information are overwhelmed, congested or completely fail.

So, become a member – for details, head to – 1015fm.com.au.

Alternatively, you can call 5495 1015.

Thank you for your support.

I mentioned earlier that the Moreton Bay region has had jobs growth, the Caboolture News has reported:

THE Moreton Bay Region has the strongest economy in Queensland according to the Australian Local Government Association’s 2015-16 State of the Regions Report.

The report, which analyses data from every local government area in Australia, ranks Moreton Bay’s economy as number one in the state.

Moreton Bay is also ranked number 14 out of the 67 regions in Australia.

Moreton Bay Region Mayor Allan Sutherland said the results reflected council’s commitment to driving sustainable growth for the Moreton Bay Region.

Mayor Sutherland told the Caboolture News: “As the State of the Regions Report shows, Moreton Bay has experienced strong economic growth over the past twelve months and the region continues to grow even stronger.”

The Mayor went onto say: “We have excellent employment rates and reasonable housing affordability compared to other parts of the state – so more and more people are moving into the region; and the availability of land here means new commercial developments are springing up everywhere.”

“There’s evidence of forward momentum everywhere, and it’s attracted big international businesses such as Ikea and Costco.”

“The completion of the Moreton Bay Rail Link is going to drive growth even higher.

Confidence in the Moreton Bay Region is at an all-time high.”

More than 12,300 jobs were created in the Moreton Bay Region in the last 12 months.

The region also led the state in residential lot sales and was in the top two council areas for lot registrations.

Shane Newcombe, Chair of Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay and Managing Director of the newly established Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT), said he wasn’t surprised by the findings of the State of the Regions Report.

Mr Newcombe told the Caboolture News: “This is great news for Moreton Bay, but hardly surprising. It is testimony to the collaborative partnerships, innovative business and regional development programs we have been able to put in place.”

“The report confirms what we have known for some time – that the Moreton Bay Region and its economy is one of the fastest growing in Australia, driven by significant population growth.”

“RDA Moreton Bay will continue to focus on economic development in partnership with council and MBRIT, to promote new and existing business and tourism growth, and to create more jobs for the residents of the region.”

The Moreton Bay Region is on track to achieve strong economic growth again this year, with major commercial and infrastructure developments creating thousands of jobs across a number of sectors, including construction, retail and tourism.

You might have a view on this report. Give us a call on 07 5495 1015 to have a chat about it, or put together a report of your own and email it to radio@1015fm.com.au or jump onto facebook.com/101.5fm and start the discussion in the social media arena.

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