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What does the Federal Budget mean for the Moreton Bay Region?

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Let’s get into it: Last night was Federal Budget night.

We’re going to take a look at how the 2015 federal budgets affects us here in the Moreton Bay region. Last night, most commentators were agreeing on a couple of things.

Those couple of things were that this budget went to destroy the argument that Joe Hockey and the Liberal National Party put up at the last election, that we had a ‘budget emergency’, and that this budget was a response to their near political death experience they had as a result of Hockey’s previous budget.

Straight after delivering the 2015 federal budget in Parliament last night, Joe Hockey was interviewed by ABC’s Leigh Sales and this is some of what was said. [play audio]

From last night, small businesses will be able to immediately deduct any asset costing less than $20,000. This is a massive increase from the previous $1,000 value threshold.

This move and budget has been described by Treasurer Joe Hockey as the budget to encourage Australians to “get out there and have a go”.

The ABC has published a list of winners and losers on the abc.net.au website that goes like this:

Winners:- Parents of young children
– Small business. Have a listen to this. [play audio]

More winner on the ABC’s list:-
– National security
– Defence
– Rural Australia – Have a listen to this [play audio]

Some more winners from the federal budget delivered last night:-
– Medical research
– Northern Australia with Mr Hockey announcing $5 billion for concessional loans for infrastructure in the north of the country

On the loser’s side of the ledger:-
– Middle income earners. These were known as the Howard Battlers
– The states including Queensland – For premiers around the country hoping the Government would reconsider last year’s massive cuts to health and education funding there is no good news in the budget.

The Federal Government last year used the end of funding arrangements in health and education with the states to make these cuts, and there is no evidence in this year’s budget that they’re planning on reconsidering this.
– Maternity leave ‘double dippers’
– Stay-at-home parents
– Tax avoiding multi-national companies
– Online consumers
– Foreigners – People from overseas coming to Australia on a working holiday will no longer be eligible for the $18,000 tax free threshold, and instead have to pay tax at 32.5 per cent on every dollar they earn up to $80,000
– Anti-vaxxers
– Public servants
– Australians overseas

David Koch had this to say about the budget. [play audio]

And Terry McCrann said this last night. [play audio]

But something left field, just before Joe Hockey’s Budget speech, Aly Waleed from The Project aired on channel Ten called for an extra $2.8 million in funding for the Government’s 1800-RESPECT hotline, which provides counselling services for victims of domestic violence.

This is how he did it. [play audio]

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